Produce Market Road Sewer Collection 改进

麦吉尔大学支持 劳林堡市grant development and administration, 项目计划, 设计, and construction phase services for the Produce Market Road wastewater collection system project. This project replaced or repaired 9,282 linear feet (LF) of sewer line, nearly the exact amount estimated in the grant application. The final project improvements also included rehabilitation and replacement of 主电源100lf; replacement of a lift station and a new wetwell; and installation of new pumps, 管道, 阀门, 以及相关的附属物. The project also included the installation of an emergency generator, bringing the area system in compliance 与 North Carolina Department of Environmental 质量 (NCDEQ)标准.



The 劳林堡市 owns and operates a wastewater treatment plant and collection system that serves residents, 企业, 和城市内的工业. The wastewater collection system project area serves Produce Market Road and numerous side streets that extend to the west and east. The system in these areas was comprised of 8-inch vitrified clay pipe (VCP) and brick manholes that were installed around 1974 (49 years old). The project also required the replacement of the existing Produce Market Road Lift Station on Geneva Street. The Produce Market Road system serves an existing low-income area of Laurinburg that experiences significant issues 与 inflow and infiltration (I/I) of stormwater into the wastewater collection system, including extensive and repeated flooding during heavy storm events that often resulted in sewerage back-up in residents and 企业 与in the project area.


通过一个 NCDEQ Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-I) funding application submitted in the fall of 2017 and awarded in early 2018, the 劳林堡市 was awarded a CDBG-I grant totaling $2 million to rehabilitate and replace nearly 10,000 LF of existing 8-inch gravity sewer lines and approximately 40 brick manholes 以及相关的附属物. McGill 设计ed the system to address the aged-infrastructure in alignment 与 CDBG-I funding requirements. 具体地说, the final project improvements included rehabilitation or replacement of 9,282英尺的重力下水道, 主电源100lf, 更换升降机站, 新井, 以及新泵的安装, 管道, 阀门, 以及相关的附属物. The rehabilitated sewers reduced the level of I/I coming into the system, helping the Town to maintain capacity for sewer flows in this area and at the treatment facility. 改进, also including installation of an emergency generator bringing the area system in compliance 与 NCDEQ standards and achieving one of HUD’s primary goals of providing modernized infrastructure and improve access to opportunities for vulnerable populations in the Produce Market Road area.


The project benefited a total of 208 persons and 133 households, 91% of whom are low- and moderate-income individuals. CBDG-I funding has stricter requirements than many of the other funding sources that McGill applies for to address wastewater collection issues; however, for a project of this nature in a community clearly in need, CDBG-I funding was the perfect match to make this project possible. When it is possible to address wastewater issues in an area that may have a large number of low- to moderate-income households, McGill assists in surveying residents to identify the exact percentage of households and ascertains if there is a high likelihood of success obtaining CDBG-I funding.

“The new pump station and force main helps the system to keep up 与 the flow for area. 有备用电源, these operations can continue even during power outages, greatly improving the reliability of sewer service for these residents.”

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作为任何CDBG项目的一部分, McGill assists 与 documentation of fair housing activities, including sharing information about fair housing practices at community events.









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